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LipstickLineupFVYou may well be wondering  exactly what this image is and why… These are lipsticks, carved in minute detail into famous landmarks from five cities – Dubai, London, New York, Paris and Shanghai. And why? It’s part of Heathrow’s month-long International Lipstick Colours of the Year showcase, and I’ve written a whole lipstick report for them which you can find here.

And the most popular colour bought in London? Caramel nude. So now you know.  



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The Victoria & Albert Museum’s summer fashion exhibition opens this Friday and it’s a cracker. It’s called Pleasure and Pain: Extreme Footwear through the Ages, which says it all, really and shows how our present obsession with beautiful shoes is really nothing new… Here’s a piece I’ve written about it for Newsweek Europe

Newsweek V&A shoes June 2015

What’s the USP? XX 



Posted on Sunday, June 7th, 2015

A year in the life of my skin

More veg, less sleep… what really makes a difference 

Would drinking more water help my skin?

Would drinking more water help my skin?


If you have ever wondered just how much difference a few lifestyle tweaks might make to the way your skin looks, you’re in luck – I’ve done it for you. and not just in an ‘I think this made me look a bit fresher’ sort of way.

Posted on Wednesday, June 3rd, 2015

ThisWorks energy bank hand makeover


thisworks energy bank hand makeover 


this-really-does-work: energy bank hand makeover, from thisworks

This-really-does-work: energy bank hand makeover, from thisworks

Hand creams are something you may find yourself getting keener on as you get older. All that talk about hands being a bigger giveaway of ageing than the face, and the way the skin gets dry so quickly, and the how quickly age spots can build up… It stops being interesting in a theoretical kind of way and starts to hit home when you realise, heck, this is happening to you. Rather than just dosing hands with a bit of moisturiser if they’re lucky, you start to lavish them with properly designed hand creams, the sort that sink in beautifully and boast extra ingredients like sunscreens and brown-spot-defeaters. You might even find that, before you go out, you start applying a little bit of the primer that you’ve just used on your face to the backs of your hands, and, because that improves the outlook so much, wonder about following this up with a dab of foundation. 

Posted on Thursday, May 28th, 2015

Estee Lauder Little Black Primer

Little Black Primer – the Little Black Dress of mascaras

Three-in-one: Little Black Primer

Three-in-one: Little Black Primer

I’ve been meaning to blog about this product for ages –  Estee Lauder’s Little Black Primer, which launched in January this year.
It may be called a primer,  but it is not one of those white, lash-bulking types of primer that you use before a mascara; this one looks and works like a mascara. What’s different about it is the formula, and the way you use it. On its own, it makes a great light, ‘normal’ type of mascara (or what we used to think of as normal mascara, back in the day before mascaras became volumising and lengthening and all that). It gives lashes a definite tint and it’s water-resistant, so it doesn’t budge (I’m one of those people whose mascara usually finds a way to transfer itself off my lower lashes and smudge under my eyes, but this one doesn’t, so I love it for that).
It’s second trick is that you can build on it, layering another mascara on top – that’s the primer aspect – and thirdly, you can use it over the top of your favourite mascara, as a water-resistant top coat. This seems to work, too, though I haven’t yet put it through a getting-caught-in-the-rain type of trial. But for me, the real test of its usefulness is that it has taken up residence in my make-up bag and stayed there for months, despite some stiff competition from other contenders. So, yes, you might like it, too.
Little Black Primer, £20,