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Now you see it... Murad's Invisiblur Perfecting Shield

Now you see it… Murad’s Invisiblur Perfecting Shield

It’s that time of year (finally) where even if you are not usually scrupulous about using sunscreen, you might want to start adding it into your daily regime. It’s also the time of year where career sunscreen obsessives like me think about stepping up to SPF30 or something even higher.

It’s thrilling, the way that sunscreens have got better and better in recent years – very few are chalky or smeary and, given the new technology available, there’s no excuse why any shouldn’t be a pleasure to use.
And here’s a really nice new one from Murad.
It’s a primer-and-SPF in one, an unusual combination but one that makes perfect sense in that you are going to want to apply a primer much more liberally than you might a foundation (particularly if you are getting on a bit and your skin needs help all over rather than just, say, around the eyes). It pumps out smoothly from the top bit of this futuristic-looking dispenser, and its silicone-slippery texture means it is easy to spread around the face evenly. Give it a couple of minutes to settle in and you’ll find you may well be able to do without foundation on top – the optical diffusing particles that it contains help refract the light and make your skin look instantly airbrushed. When it launches (in July), it will cost £55. Pricey, but you are at least getting a high-quality two-in-one…

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Ateh Jewel, of Jewel Tones: beauty for darker skin personified!

Ateh Jewel, of Jewel Tones: beauty for deeper skin tones personified!


HERE’S something to celebrate;  Jewel Tones Beauty, new website full of brilliant, inspiring beauty advice (and A-list interviews, and how-to videos) for women with deeper skin tones and textured hair, from the force of nature that is the lovely Ateh Jewel.

Ateh has been writing about beauty for 14 years (alongside running a filming production company, Couture Communications which, yes, specialises in fashion and beauty, and bringing up her gorgeous twin girls) so, yes, she really knows her stuff. She’s also kind, enthusiastic and hard-working. 

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My transformation last month: pics by Lezli & Rose    img_20150221_085726 AHD reece 1


After my brief winter flirtation with red hair (I dyed it for a story, wouldn’t you know) then a couple of months at a more toned down ginger (thanks to the brilliant colour-management skills of Debbie Bhowmik at Michaeljohn), my hair was looking a bit sorry for itself – lots of dark dark roots, lots of white-grey in among them and lots of old ginger streaks.


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Sleeping your way to better skin.

Sleep your way to better skin: Illuminage pillow case, from the Ponds Institute


Can a pillow case really change the look of your skin in just 4 weeks?

That’s the amazing claim the Pond’s Institute are making about its new pillow case, which accompanies the Illuminage skincare range.  It’s polyester fibres are embedded with copper oxide which release copper ions onto your skin as you sleep, to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

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Margaret Dabbs – Fabulous Hands


Margaret Dabbs –  Fabulous Hands

Fabulous Hands: Margaret Dabbs' new hand-care range

Fabulous Hands: Margaret Dabbs’ new hand-care range


Clever Margaret Dabbs. Not only has she almost single-handedly made the medical pedicure a fashionable must-have over the past 15 years and established her own range of super-effective footcare products that are a treat to use… she is now launching a ‘Fabulous Hands; a premium hand-care range. The products all have a bunch of hardworking ingredients including the emu oil that Margaret loves (very hydrating as it’s full of essential fatty acids, and it’s anti-inflammatory, to boot)  and they smell delicious – a light, orangey blend of geranium and mandarin.