Posted on Wednesday, October 1st, 2014

Posted on Friday, August 29th, 2014

Coming out of the Meditation Closet


All serene? photo credit, Juliette Neel

All serene? This photo and the one at the end taken by the gorgeous shutterbug,  Juliette Neel

I recently heard Arianna Huffington (who I feel needs no introduction) and Etienne Stott (the brilliant GB slalom canoeist who won gold at the 2012 Olympics) speaking, movingly,  about their own journeys with mindfulness and meditation. They also made the point that, as a practice, meditation isn’t entirely out of the closet, and said that speaking out about the benefits of just sitting down and being quiet with your own thoughts every day was the best way to spread the word.

Posted on Thursday, August 21st, 2014

Why I’m mostly having Botox…. in my armpits

When people ask me if I ever have Botox and I say, ‘ Yes, but mostly in my armpits,’ they look understandably confused. There aren’t many wrinkles in the armpits, after all — but these days Botox is about more than relaxing wrinkles.

Injections of the toxin around the hairline can prevent migraines; in the jaw, they can reduce tooth-grinding and in the armpits, Botox is used to prevent sweating. It’s an FDA-approved procedure for treating a condition called hyperhidrosis  — aka excessive sweating — and it is also a tactic deployed by celebs who don’t want to ruin their borrowed ballgowns by sweating into them at awards ceremonies. Doctors have been treating armpits with Botox for years but recently it has become better known and talked about – the August edition of (UK) Tatler even has a whole feature on treatments that prevent sweating, so now it’s fashionable, too.

Posted on Thursday, July 10th, 2014

Shellac While You Cycle, Ma’am?


Shellac While You Cycle, Ma’am?

Back in the days when Londoners started to look more presentable – a dozen years ago, maybe? – I used to loved writing stories on high-speed grooming that involved, say, having a blow-dry, a manicure and a pedicure all at the same time and within half an hour. It was a bit like going through a beauty-car-wash, but heck, it was effective, swift and looks-enhancing.


Posted on Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014




Swishy, glossy and groomed to perfection.

Swishy, glossy and groomed to perfection.


It swishes, it shines, it glows with health and it radiates wealth. It even tweets. As Andy Murray’s stature as a master of the game has grown, his girlfriend’s hair has become ever more groomed and glossy, and has acquired such a life of its own that it even developed a spoof Twitter account for last year’s Wimbledon tournament, which kicked back into life again last week. While Murray has been battling away on court, @KimSearsHair has been keeping up a volley of comments from the sidelines at Wimbledon. ‘What’s a bad hair day?’ it asks, disingenuously. Bad hair days are not a problem from which Kim appears to suffer.